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vixtoria wrote in indiepreneurs
Hi group!
Thanks a lot for joining, if you don't mind can you give a little or big blurp about your past or present project and what causes you support. There are ways that i've been thinking about promoting this, by a blog or something, but i usually like to keep my journals to friends, but in regards to a public blog, the thought has popped up.
Also the getting to know people who do arts for charity is amazing and i'd be interested in learning about new ideas, methods, etc. I've been unemployed for over a year now, but i was always just buying things to use later and later is finally here by this summer. I am drafting ideas for a room in  my mother's house that i'm going to convert into a work station to work on cards and other projects that are yet undiscovered.

this is from my post i just sent to my friend about the thoughts of other alternatives to the material i currently have in stock or maybe a new idea or a project "i've been thinking a lot about other projects that i can do, in a way i feel guilty by having regular paper, and non eco friendly materials. so of course i'm not going to throw them away, but i will use what i have, however, i'd like to use better stuff in the next project, whatever that maybe.

plus cards are too cute lol i saw some ecofriendly paper, so that can be an option to stick with cards, but what about the glitter, stamp pad ink, stickers and ribbon. it would be very hard to find organic stuffs like that, or maybe i just dont know where to find ecofriendly craft materials. reusables too can be an option.

If you have any suggestions or anything please let me know.


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that's so amazing erin! :) i would love to see some pictures.

that part of indonesia is Mohammed from? oddly enough i have a presentation on the brief info about indonesia and the UNs' Millenium Development Goals of the country tomorrow afternoon in my nutrition and world hunger class.

do you mind if you send a pix of yur work station? i am moving back home soon and my mom is letting take over the backroom to convert to a 'whatever i want room' :) which will most likely be an artsy room :))

thanks a lot and great job! ^_^

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